Individual Driving Lessons 

Our individual driving lessons are perfect if you:

We will pick you up and drop you off at home, school or work (within our local service area) for all in-car lessons.

You can request an instructor that speaks English, Assyrian, Arabic, Hindi or Punjabi.

Note: There will be a $30 charge for any cancellation with under 24 hours notice. 

In-Car Driving Lessons

Pricing Details Below

Individual Lessons

  • $53.09 + $6.91 HST = $60

5 Pack In-Car Driving Lessons

  • $265.49 + $34.51 HST = $300

10 Pack In-Car Driving Lessons

  • $530.97 + $69.03 HST = $600

Each driving session is scheduled for 60 minutes.

Road Test Package

$159.29 + $20.71  HST = $180

  • 60 min warm-up lesson before your driver’s test
  • Use of our car for the test
  • Drop off after your test
  • Can be used for either the G-1 or G-2 exit test
  • If you are taking  your G-2 exit test we recommend at least one additional lesson for highway practice

If, in the opinion of the DriveWell Canada Instructor, permitting a student to use our car for his or her driver’s test would put the safety of that student, the driving test examiner or other road-users, at risk, permission will be withdrawn.

Emergency Response Training

$176.99 + $23.01 HST =$200

Three 45-minute lessons (delivered consecutively in a two-hour block) covering:

  • Emergency braking (A.B.S. and/or threshold braking)
  • Avoidance maneuvers
  • Brake and avoid
  • Avoiding a rear-impact
  • Dealing with brake failure
  • Recovering safely from the gravel shoulder
  • Using the shoulder to avoid a head-on collision

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